We pay your attention, that SiNGAPURE is focused on wholesale and trade fine by the gross, giving the clients favourable conditions of co-operation and progressive system of discounts. Thus the volume of the minimal purchase makes:
- for main price 41600
- for TARGET cartridges 20800.

The next ways of payment are used :
1.Cash calculation - payment by cash to the forwarding agent on delivery ( only on delivery across Moscow and Moscow suburbs ).
2.The clearing settlement - after reception of the order to you is sent the account for payment of the goods by e-mail or by fax.
On delivery the goods cost of delivery on account of is not included in regions In these cases, payment of cost of delivery is carried out at reception of a cargo in the transport companies.

Delivery across Moscow and Moscow suburbs

Delivery across Moscow and Moscow suburbs (up to 10 km from MKAD) is carried out by our forwarding agents.
At payment by cash, delivery is carried out without an advance payment in day of reception of the order if it has acted till 12:00, otherwise - next day.
At the clearing settlement, delivery of the goods is carried out in day of receipt of money resources on our settlement account.
Delivery across Moscow within the limits of MKAD free-of-charge.
On delivery on Moscow suburbs within the limits of 10 km from MKAD, cost of delivery is estimated at the rate of 30 rubles for 1km.
All necessary documents our forwarding agent delivers together with the goods.

Delivery in other cities of Russia

For regional clients, at payment under the clearing settlement, sending of the goods is carried out in day of receipt of money resources on our settlement account.
Delivery is carried out, as a rule, by the transport companies: "GelDorexpediciya" and "GRUZOVOZOFF". Under the preliminary arrangement, we can carry out delivery of the goods through your transport company.
Payment of cost of delivery of the goods is made directly with the transport company at reception of a cargo.
All necessary documents are delivered together with the goods

For clients from the CIS

For clients from the CIS, except for delivery by the transport companies, there is an opportunity of shipment by shipment at own expense from warehouses in Ukraine (Kiev), in Byelorussia (Minsk), in Kazakhstan (Astana).


In case of revealing a marriage, we undertake to replace the substandard goods at our expense, or to return money resources, under condition of return to us of the defective goods.