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The company carries out wholesale of most popular cartridges in the Russian market for office equipment HP, Canon, Panasonic for jet and laser printers, copiers and telefaxes. We carry out delivery across Moscow, Russia and in the countries CIS. Warehouses in Moscow, Kiev ( Ukraine ), Minsk ( Republic of Byelorussia ), Astana ( Kazakhstan ) more in detail...

Examples of wholesale prices for cartridges

wholesale cartridges  q2610a
HP Q2610A  2595 RUB.

wholesale cartridges  q2612a
HP Q2612A  1757 RUB.

wholesale cartridges  q2613a
HP Q2613A  2381 RUB.

wholesale cartridges  e-30
Canon E-30  2539 RUB.

wholesale cartridges  c7115a
HP C7115A  2180 RUB.

wholesale cartridges  q5949a
HP Q5949A  2297 RUB.

wholesale cartridges  q6511a
HP Q6511A  4639 RUB.

wholesale cartridges  q5942a
HP Q5942A  4441 RUB.

wholesale cartridges  ep-22
Canon EP-22  1696 RUB.

wholesale cartridges  kx-fa55a

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